Spazio fieristico di Italia Independent | AP STUDIO | Architetto Previato


The space was designed to have a monumental feel, with, in the foreground, the legendary Fiat 500, an Italian icon across the world. The lenses of a pair of Italia Independent glasses double up as monitors, while the flooring has a concrete effect. The dark walls provide elegance and decisiveness and are lit with LED lighting strips in the floor. The display elements are white and contrast with the coloured graphics and the big screen that is installed in the space.

This design for the MIDO 2017 trade show involved the search for materials, contrasting black & white and incredible attention to detail.


Location: Milano
Type: Exhibition – Mido

Stand fieristico Italia Independent Lapo Elkann | Architetto Previato | AP STUDIO
Esempio stand Italia Independent Milano | AP Studio | Architetto Previato
Stand fieristico Italia Independent di Lapo Elkann | Architetto Previato | AP STUDIO
Pareti stand fieristico Italia Independent Milano | Architetto Previato | AP STUDIO
Occhiali Italia Independent stand fieristico | AP Studio | Architetto Previato
Focus su 500 stand fieristico Italia Independent | AP Studio | Architetto Previato
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